Steel Garden Edging

Discover the beauty of our stunning garden edging solutions, designed to elevate your garden’s appearance. Whatever your project demands, we have the ideal edge to suit your requirements. Achieve a seamless and elegant garden edging with discreet joins, allowing you to create graceful curves and designs with precision.

FormBoss Redcor customer steel garden edging and tree ring
Our versatile edging options cater to various applications, including footpaths, driveways, retaining walls, garden beds, tree rings, planter beds, water tank bases, formwork, and grass barriers. Unlock the endless possibilities and revitalize your outdoor space with our premium garden edging, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of your landscape.

FormBoss For DIYers And Trade Professionals.

Whether you’re a garden enthusiast or a professional landscaper, we have the garden edging metal and profile to transform your garden area no matter the space big or small as well as large commercial projects.

Refer to the DIY page to see how easy it really is to install FormBoss. If you prefer installation we can recommend a contractor that is experienced and to carry out any custom work if needed.

So if your looking for quality Australian made steel edging supplies in Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula call us to get professional advice to make the right choice for your project 0490 365 901

What is REDCOR corten steel and why would you want it to rust?

Corten steel, a type of steel that develops a rust-like patina when exposed to the elements, provides several advantages for landscaping purposes. Firstly, its patina helps to protect the steel from further corrosion and makes it resistant to stains and scratches. Secondly, it provides an attractive rustic look without requiring any painting or other treatments to maintain its appearance.

However, it is important to consider the location and exposure of corten steel before using it in a landscaping project since it can rust faster than other types of steel. Despite this downside, corten steel remains a popular choice for landscaping projects and is often used in architectural applications as well.

Will galvanised steel edging lose its shine?

When purchasing and installing FormBoss® in your garden, you can be confident in the structural guarantee of 10 years provided by the Australian made BlueScope® hot dipped Galvanised steel edging.Although Galvanised steel edging appears shiny and spangled when first purchased, it will eventually dull down to a matte grey after a year or so while still retaining its spangled effect. This makes it a great option for blending in seamlessly with the plants and lines of your garden, creating flawlessly separated contrasts in your design. Additionally, grey is a neutral color that doesn’t draw attention away from your garden’s focal points.

What are the benefits of Zam steel?

ZAM®’s satin like finish gives a much brighter cleaner look compared to galvanised steels ‘mottled look’. This is the next generation in coating technology. ZAM® is corrosion resistant and a versatile edging product especially in corrosion prone coastal areas. ZAM® will last for decades and look as stunning as the day you installed it, adding value and aesthetic appeal.  Structurally Guarantees For 15 years.

redcor steel blotchy
Galvanised edging
Zam Edging FormBoss
View installation videos, selecting the right stake lengths & profiles.
How to curve steel garden edging
Available in many profiles, with connectors and screws included.
FormBoss Profile heights
Flat or angled stakes and corners available in external or internal.
Garden Edging Stakes & Corners
Basic tools required with minimal experience perfect DIY project.
Dead Blow Hammer

Create Steps

Steps can easily be created using FormBoss® metal edging profiles to form a strong and durable front face to a step. They are very popular in our REDCOR® Steel version, because of the natural organic weathered look.  It also offers a natural anti-slip feature as the edge is textured.  Using FormBoss® for steps gives you total freedom of design, you can have them straight, curved, with angles or why not create something completely unique?
Steps Redcor

Install Low Retaining Walls

Curving Profiles Over 290mm High
You can actually shape our large edging profiles more aggressively than the lower heights without kinking the top lip. This is because the length of edging has significantly more steel, giving it a more rigid backbone.

Retaining Wall Steel Edging
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