Concrete Sleepers, Ideal For Both Retaining Walls & Concrete Garden Edging

Construct retaining walls with confidence using our engineered concrete sleepers, designed to withstand the test of time without twisting or rotting like traditional timber options. You can achieve the classic woodgrain look while benefiting from the durability and longevity of concrete.

Concrete sleepers offer a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a long-lasting and visually appealing concrete garden edging.

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Marina Concrete Sleepers Retaining Wall

40MPa Concrete Sleepers

Marina Plain - Smooth

Marina Plain Concrete Sleepers 2400x200x80

Marina Charcoal - Smooth

Marina Charcoal Concrete Sleepers 2400x200x80

Malibu Charcoal - Woodgrain

Malibu Charcoal Concrete Sleepers 1800x200x80

Manhattan Charcoal - Stackstone

Manhattan Concrete Sleepers 2000x200x80

Arizona Charcoal - Block Face

Arizona Concrete Sleepers 1190x200x80


Arizona Jasper Concrete Sleepers

Sandstone *Special Order

Arizona Sandstone Concrete Sleepers 2000x200x80

Reinforcement Bars 2x N12

2 N12 Reo Bars Sunset Sleepers

40MPa Concrete

Concrete Sleepers with N12 bars

Selecting the correct sleepers for your project

When purchasing concrete sleepers, it’s important to ensure that they meet the required standards and specifications for your retaining wall project.  40MPa concrete sleepers for sale have engineering certification supplied by the manufacturer which can be viewed.

It’s also important to consider the size and design before making your selection to ensure that they are suitable for your needs. Using 40MPa concrete sleepers with 2xN12 reinforcement bars is an excellent choice for domestic walls or when needing to achieve high retaining walls that require engineering and building permits. Please refer to the link Height Capacity & Weight PDF.

50MPa Concrete Sleepers

Natural Concrete - Smooth

Natural Concrete Sleepers

Slate Concrete - Smooth

Slate Concrete Sleepers

Raven Concrete - Smooth

Raven Concrete Sleepers

Amazon Slate - Woodgrain

Amazon Slate Concrete Sleepers

Amazon Raven - Woodgrain

Amazon Raven Concrete Sleepers

Slate - Stackstone

Stackstone Slate Concrete Sleepers

Raven - Stackstone

Stackstone Raven Concrete Sleepers

Colour matching

Colours are indicative only and will vary between screens.

Oxide strength in coloured sleepers will vary between manufacturers and matching old with new will be noticeable.

Selecting the correct sleepers for your project

Using 50MPa concrete sleepers with 2xN10 reinforcement bars is an excellent option for domestic walls or when needing to achieve retaining walls that require engineering and building permits. As a rule of thumb the thicker the sleeper and reinforcement bars the higher you can build a wall.

Installation Guide

40MPa Concrete Sleepers Fitting Diagram

Sunset Sleepers Channel Fitting Diagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately Yes, due to the way we source and supply the product in packs the minimum we can supply is 10 standard sleepers or 8 heavy duty sleepers.

Yes, you can pick up from the manufacturer we placed your order, 40MPa sleepers Officer 3809 & 50MPa Dandenong 3175.  However, sleepers are heavy and delivery is usually the best option.

Yes, we can arrange delivery across Melbourne and regional areas.

If you cancel prior to us paying our supplier and the transport company, we can arrange a full refund minus any credit card fees via a bank transfer within 5 business days. Unfortunately, if payment was made to our suppliers any non-refundable amounts will be deducted from your refund to cover our costs from the suppliers. No refund will be offered if the product was made to order.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept returns on concrete sleepers as the product may develop cracks if mishandled and the cost to you for transport may not be worth returning. Please be sure you require the correct quantity and type of concrete sleeper before committing to buy.

Yes, all our sleepers can be cut to size with a diamond blade concrete saw. The exposed reo bars must be covered with cold gal spray to protect them from rusting to extend the life of the sleeper.

Typically, walls under 1m in height don’t require engineering and council approval. Please refer to your local council for exact requirements.

Efflorescence is a white powdery substance that forms on the surface of masonry products such as brick, concrete, and stone when water that is trapped inside the material evaporates and leaves behind salts. It is caused by the presence of soluble salts that are present in the material, which become visible once they reach the surface and the water evaporates. Efflorescence is a common problem in masonry and can be unsightly, however, it is not a structural issue and can be easily cleaned off.

Typically, efflorescence will spontaneously disappear after one or two years. If removal is needed right away, you can get one by buying an efflorescence remover, which is available at most big-box hardware stores. Always test a product on a small area first and always follow the directions and guidelines on the product label. The integrity of the concrete products is not at risk due to efflorescence, a natural process that is typically harmless. Efflorescence is a normal element of using concrete items, despite the fact that it can be ugly and distract from the product’s aesthetics.

DON’T backfill the wall without first covering the sleepers with plastic (Forticon). Efflorescence may happen if too much water collects below the sleepers if plastic is not utilised and an agi drain at the base of the wall must also be installed to allow drainage.

Although concrete products are incredibly durable and sturdy, there are some simple maintenance guidelines to follow to make sure they continue to look great for a long time. Use a light spray of water from a garden hose to soften the stains or dirt, do not scrub with a hard bristle brush to clean the face of the sleeper if possible.

– NEVER clean sleepers with a pressurised water machine. Concrete capillaries can be widened by the water pressure, which can result in efflorescence.
– AVOID using chemical cleaners to clean the sleepers (other than Efflorescence Remover).

Unfortunately not, we only sell the products as shown. We may be able to assist by recommending installers if available in your area.

Don't Forget To Order Your Retaining Wall Steel Posts

100 UC 14.8

100 UC Channel Retaining Wall Post


PFC C Channel Retaining Wall Post

90° Corner C Channel

90 Degree C Channel Retaining Wall Post

45° Corner C Channel

45 Degree C Channel Retaining Wall Post

150 UC 23.4

150 PFC

150 PFC Galvanised Posts

SAVE MONEY by having the steel delivered with your sleepers

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