Delivery Service

We aim to offer the best delivery service

Garden Supplies provides a prompt delivery service by coordinating with cost-effective transportation companies that operate across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula region.

On the day of delivery, you’ll receive either a call or a text message notifying you that your order has departed from the yard, along with an estimated arrival time.

Securely Strapped:
All orders are securely strapped to guarantee safe transit to their destination.

Delivery Confirmation:
In the event that no one is available to receive the delivery, rest assured that we’ll send you a photo confirming the safe delivery of your order.

Delivery map

Metal Garden Edging & Steel Decorative Screens

All garden edging, rings & steel decorative screens are transported on either a boxed trailer or ute subject to weight. 

Flat Rate
$100 Inc GST

Within Melbourne and up to Dromana, extra charge thereafter within Mornington Peninsula.

Concrete Sleepers

The delivery trucks we schedule are equipped with either a 4-wheel all-terrain forklift or a 3-wheel Manitou, enabling drivers to unload your order. This service is tailored for large and small orders and proves especially beneficial for extensive construction sites.

  • 80mm concrete sleepers are delivered on a pallet of 10
  • 100mm concrete sleepers are delivered on a pallet of 8

Starting Rate
$280 Inc GST

Rates are calculated per pallet weight  and distance from depots

CALL FOR A QUOTE  0413 587 111

Retaining Wall Steel Posts

Steel deliveries are transported on either a ute, flatbed truck, or crane truck subject to the weight and lengths.

Starting Rate
$120 Inc GST

Within Melbourne and up to the Frankston.

Delivery Conditions

Please note:
Delivery drivers are not expected to unload by hand, or carry heavy garden edging, sleepers, steel, or any other heavy materials into a customer’s property under current Worksafe practices in Victoria.

Concrete Sleepers

Delivery drivers can park within 100 meters
The delivery truck must be able to park within 100 metres of the delivery site and unload each pallet within 5 minutes.

Delivery site must be obstruction free
The site must be forklift accessible and free of obstructions. To support the weight of the forklift and load, the surface must be solid ground. If it is unsafe to leave the delivery, it will be returned and another delivery fee will have to be arranged at the expense of the customer.

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