Galvanised Stakes

3 stakes per length of edging is required.
Stake selection should be double the edging height.

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Staking Methods

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, there are a range of staking options available for FormBoss® Metal Garden Edging Systems. The general rule of thumb for selecting the right stake is making sure the stake is more than twice the profile height as a minimum.

Tapered Stakes (Flat Stakes) 
The first option is the tapered stake. It’s ideal for edging profiles 75mm to 185mm high, and works great at strengthening and anchoring most standard applications.

For general applications we strongly recommend 3 stakes spaced out evenly per length of steel (2.44m).  A pre drilled hole is at 813mm for screwing each stake. Generally you’ll just place one in the center and one at each end about 400mm from your connection.

Stake lengths should be determined based on the soil condition.

Stake lengths for SANDY & LOAM SOIL

Stake lengths for CLAY SOIL

Angled Stakes

For edging profiles from 230mm to 580mm.
The minimum stake length should be double the edging profile height.
These stakes are specially manufactured to suit both higher strength jobs and retaining applications.


Flat Stake, Angled Stake, Corner – Lip Inside, Corner – Lip Outside


230mm, 240mm, 290mm, 300mm, 390mm, 400mm, 580mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1200mm

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